6 Reasons Why Weldmesh Fencing is a Better Choice for Boundary Demarcation than Walls


One of the most common dilemmas one faces when deciding on securing their perimeter boundary is to go with walls or fences? With both the options having certain pros and cons , it is natural to get confused and end up with a wrong solution.

Opting for the wrong boundary demarcation solution can lead to unforeseen expenses, maintenance headaches, and environmental repercussions. It’s crucial to weigh the options carefully to avoid these pitfalls.

When it comes to boundary demarcation, welded mesh fencing looks like a better option than walls since it has many advantages over walls that solve issues with visibility, longevity, aesthetics, maintenance, and ease of installation. Let’s examine these factors in more detail to see why fencing ends up being the best option.

Increased Product Life & Savings:

Any type of perimeter demarcation which is not maintained occasionally will show signs of aging as time passes but the list of issues related to walls are far more as compared to fences. Within a year or two of installation, walls can show issues of cracking, flaking, paint issues due to weather, cavities, structural deterioration etc. that spoil the aesthetic appeal of your perimeter. Issues related to welded mesh fences are often easy to rectify. A good quality powder coated welded mesh fence can keep corrosion at bay and can protect your property with charm that can last for decades. This longevity in welded mesh fences can translate in cost savings and peace of mind to the property owner.

Less Maintenance:

Maintenance is an important part of perimeter demarcation so choosing the right demarcation option that fits your cost, time and effort becomes important. Unlike walls that require periodic repainting, repair and sealing, welded mesh fences typically need just occasional cleaning and minor touch ups if required. This saves both time and money in the long run. 

Customization Options:

If you want to add a sense of individuality and modernity to your perimeter, welded mesh fencing is the option to go for. Right from the choice of design to color to integration, welded mesh fences can offer loads of customization options that can complement the overall perimeter design theme. Welded mesh fences look modern as compared to traditional wall solutions and can instantly lift the aesthetic appeal of your perimeter.

Hassle Free Installation:

The beauty of a perimeter demarcation solution can often be sensed by how well it is installed. Installing a wall generally involves various hassles like excavation, storage space for bricks and cement and other construction materials and tools. Fencing is generally easier and quicker to install compared to walls. Modern day weldmesh fencing can be quickly assembled using nuts and bolts thereby saving on both time and labor cost. Additionally, fences can often be installed in areas where terrain or space constraints would make wall construction impractical.

Improved Visibility:

With walls it becomes difficult to monitor the activities happening in perimeter surroundings as walls cut off the visibility. Sure, walls can add more privacy to the perimeter but it can also create a sense of prison type feeling. Fences can help you detect and deter trespassing that can enhance the overall safety of your perimeter.

Increased Security:

A wall can appear to be more sturdy and rigid but can be easily climbed by an intruder unless combined with a wall top security solution like wall spikes. Today’s modern fences can be customized depending upon the level of security required. Welded mesh fences can provide protection against climbing and cutting thereby improving the security of your perimeter. Welded mesh fences can also be customized to provide both security and aesthetics depending on the specific need of the perimeter.


In conclusion, if you are searching for a boundary demarcation solution that looks modern, aesthetic & customizable, offering less maintenance leading to improved savings over the years, promoting openness with increased visibility while being easy to install – welded mesh fencing option proves to be the best solution. By carefully considering these factors, property owners can make informed decisions that enhance the value, functionality, and aesthetics of their properties for years to come.

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