UNICODesignStudio was started as a project, where our passion culminates with our expertise.

At UNICODesignStudio, we apply the best innovative practices to our core values of MODULARITY, AESTHETICS, FUNCTIONALITY & SUSTAINABILITY for designing even the complicated solutions and standardizing them.

Our team strive to act as partners to our clients and help them customize our various demarcation solutions to suit their every need.

Design Process

Our aim is to establish Resourceful Solutioning as the predominant mindset, as a critical element of our work culture and a way of life. We follow The N:ICE Approach to Resourceful Solutioning.

N:ICE is an iterative process


The Null Mindset is the first step in the N:ICE Process. Null is about decluttering the mind before we get into the further processes for applying resourceful solutioning. However – it is not a “process step” in the conventional sense. It is a mindset, an attitude and a way of being; that one carries across through out the process.


Did you notice the “ : “ after N. The semicolon suggests a pause, a blink, a moment of emptiness before we jump into the further process. Process to achieve Null mindset:

  • Empty your mind
  • Negate certainty
  • Be in the present
  • Be Open and Receiving


The Imbibe Step involves getting to a unique, personalized and insightful definition of the problem. The is the stage where we dive deep into the situation for clarity, to understand the different contours, facets of the problem, collecting all the relevant information needed to create the solution, without jumping to designing a solution.


The imbibe stage has got inspiration from the purpose of A1 UNICO - Explore Connect Grow. We Imbibe by diving deep into the question, the challenge or the situation by Understanding, Feeling and Empathizing by recognizing the emotions of our Stakeholders, Users and Situation or Context, while staying out of judgement.


The Create Step generates valuable new ideas. In practice, the Create Step iterates with the Experiment Step;  and bounces off between multiple ideas. This iterative process continues till we feel it has effectively solved the challenge. The complete understanding of Create cannot come without Experiment Step


  • Processes to create ideas: 6 Thinking Hats, Brainstorming, Lego Serious Play, Mashups, Reverse Brainstorming & Storytelling.


  • What helps us to Create: Divergent thinking, Multiple techniques & Never Judge an idea too early .


The experiment step is an iterative part of the create step, involving prototypes, testing, trials, pilot and POCs. Working on multiple ideas in parallel, going back and forth, testing stuff before they are fully ready and changing one's approach based on the new information and data are all at par in this step, because it works.


  • Making Ideas Visible :Sketches, Drawings, Photos, Videos & Presentations, Storyboard, 3-D Models & Mock-ups.
  • Feedback :Market Research, Stakeholder Interviews & Customer Feedback.
  • Testing :Simulation Prototypes & Customer trials

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