Original Equipment

A1 UNICO as an OEM producer, can help in product engineering. Using our top of the line machinery, we can engineer custom mesh products and apply them to custom solutions. If we can see any application where a mesh can be used, we can help you with the solutioning.

What We Offer.

New Applications

We are committed towards innovation and using our inhouse R&D facility, we can help to find out new applications where Mesh can be used and help in its custom solutioning

Manufacture on Scale

If the product/solution is already implemented, but is made locally and manually, we can help to mass produce it using automated machines and output high quality products.


Mesh Diameter

Our machines are equipped to produce mesh wires of custom sizes ranging from [ ], helping to solve all your custom needs

Mesh Size

Different proportions of mesh aperture can be explored as per the level of security and visibility, with the option of many colors available.


Our coating setup is capable of producing superior quality coatings like PPC, PVC or TPC, which help our products to sustain harsh environmental conditions.

Some Of Our Very own Developed Products


Mining mesh are used for the reinforcement of the mines. Mining mesh by UNICO offers protection to the miners from loose scaling in the mines. It is designed to capture and contain any small pieces of loose rock (scat) which can fall.



High weld strength at joints imparts rigidity to the structure, sustaining impacts from stones and arresting the fall.



Galvanized wires with a minimum zinc coating of 100 GSM which provides superior corrosion resistance.



The fence is certified under the <span style="font-weight:bold"> ASTM A 185</span> thus ensuring the high quality & sustainability of the products.




Edge Protection Fence is a type of weldmesh system which is used for fall protection at the edges of construction sites. It incorporates guardrails, toe boards into one single lightweight steel mesh barrier. It has a unique snap and go mechanism which eliminates use of fixtures for installation thus enhancing its ease of usage.