A fencing environment around an area of dense biodiversity is an important step to maintain & protect it. They may act as a tool for biodiversity conservation, especially the endangered ones, by providing a natural habitat for its native species. The fencing solution should also complement the natural environment and add to its beauty instead of making it look like a heavily guarded space. A1 Unico has engineered a vast variety of fencing solutions for the variable requirements of such areas or ecosystems which are modular and sustainable, keeping in mind the visual harmony and the aesthetic value of such areas.


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Preventing Forest Encroachment
& Protect Wildlife

Our Solutions Offered

  • Preventing Forest Enchroachment & Protect Wildlife

    Forest conservation requires greater efforts these days to mitigate the effects of climate change and conserve wildlife; to do so, we can install fence along the border of the forest area, limiting forest encroachment and restricting wild animal movement into residential areas. Electric fence and concertina coils can be used in conjunction with our fences.

  • Our recommended SOLUTIONS

    Chain link fence is one of the most traditional and versatile form of wire fencing. It’s a fence whose fabric is made out of woven wire forming a diamond (rhombus to be precise) shaped mesh. In different colours, it blends well with its surroundings.

    Honeycomb fence is more cost efficient and stronger than conventional chain link fence. Owing to the neat honeycomb structure this mesh makes, it is called Honeycomb Fence. In a honeycomb fence the wires cross each other multiple times which gives it the more strength and rigidity than chainlink fence.

Enriching Biodiversity
in Urban Areas

Our Solutions Offered

  • Enriching Biodiversity

    In urban areas due to concretization there is less space to grow greenery, so why not use this concrete jungle to create green spaces on top of it. Our permavoid solution can be laid on roof top, podium deck to do water efficient landscaping and living walls can create vertical green spaces, it will help to improve the biodiversity in urban areas.

  • Our recommended SOLUTIONS

    Permavoid is capable of creating circular nature-based solutions for sustainable water management in metropolitan areas. Solutions encompass blue-green roofs, multi functional podium decks, sports pitches and SUDs aiming at water-sensitive design. By using permavoid we can ensure that no precious water goes to waste by catching, storing and reusing storm water for irrigation, evaporation or infiltration.

    Natural soil based living walls are used as sustainable rain screen cladding, green facades, interior design and beautifying the landscapes which promotes well being.