Here’s how SRK found his ideal perimeter demarcation solution with A1 UNICO

Perimeter demarcation is always an afterthought but also it is the very first encounter when you look at any property and establishment. The journey of finding the ideal solution takes a substantial amount of time and decision making, taking into account the security, design, style, quality, looks, budget, color, finish, level of maintenance and the privacy you desire. While the primary purpose of security fencing is to keep intruders away, protect your valuables and establish a boundary, this benefit does not have to come at the cost of aesthetics. 

Here’s where A1 UNICO steps in, a one stop brand that houses every demarcation need and requirement in a manner engineered to perfection, soaked in a minimal aesthetic and styled to exhibit a premium demeanor. 

A1 UNICO takes joyous pride in providing a rounded and exuberant demarcation solution to Shah Rukh Khan for Mannat’s grand perimeter. An opportunity we’ll cherish for life! A wholesome transformational journey for the perimeter that protects the undisputed Badshah of Bollywood, nation’s most beloved entertainer, one of India’s biggest superstars Shah Rukh Khan himself. 

Some would think what A1 UNICO really is and what’s different about it?

Well… Let’s dive into the premium and effortlessly aesthetic world of A1 UNICO, a pioneer brand in the fencing industry that believes in demarcating every perimeter aesthetically and uniquely because every perimeter is one of  its kind. We don’t sell fences, we build solutions!

A little bit about A1 UNICO – 

A1 UNICO focuses on ingenious designs that enhance the architectural grandeur of your build up environment by bringing ‘UNIque COncepts’ to life. Challenging conventions it has paved the way for new age security solutions that are a result of meticulous product design and superior engineering. Innovation runs through the galvanized wire weld mesh and the entire fence system such that it makes for an easy installation eliminating the need for painting or welding on site. Its minimalist design presence along with its flawless powder coated finish makes it an Architect’s first choice, rather an interface solution for the architectural world.

In our journey of beautifying spaces with over 100+ Architects our premium demarcation solutions implement and flaunt collaboration led design which gives our customers the power and the liberty to curate their own customized solution. 

Our purpose is driven towards building a fulfilling and adequate fencing experience for our valuable customers  where all our functions are mindful of our customers and built around our strong philosophy of customer centricity. 

Being a premium sub brand under A-1 fence, our expertise of over 20+ years shines through in our products that are stunningly aesthetic without compromising on the security factor. Taking active steps towards sustainability, our endeavor to deliver beyond expectations and be the first name that pops up when you think of premium fencing or aesthetic demarcation solutions is what keeps up on the go!

The transformational journey of Mannat’s perimeter – 

‘It’s one thing to be in the trend and another to be the trend’. A1 UNICO stands firm on the premium ground of its values – Aesthetics, Modularity and Sustainability by setting a futuristic trend in the fencing industry.

SRK was using a chainlink fence to demarcate Mannat’s perimeter earlier which over time lost its finish and charm. The chainlink fence started rusting because of its proximity to the sea and spoiled the entire look of the property. The unkempt condition of the fence called for a wholesome transformation as the chainlink was the first thing that met the eyes. Mannat’s perimeter required something that would not only match the grandeur of the building but also the grandeur of SRK’s aura. It was in need of a premium solution that remained maintained while being closer to the sea and stood unbothered during extreme climatic conditions. A fence that complemented Mannat’s majestic architecture!

Thrilled upon receiving the enquiry a site visit was scheduled to understand the type of requirement and build a solution best fit for Mannat’s perimeter. After a thorough review of the site, the perimeter and the problem, UNICOShield  was thoughtfully selected to enhance the visual appeal of the perimeter. In A1 UNICO’s diverse portfolio of fencing solutions every solution is unique. Unique designs, premium aesthetics and rich features are focused on developing a synergy between unbreachable security solutions and stunning designs for every unique perimeter. Flaunting its minimalist aesthetic each A1 UNICO product has a different utility, a different personality, a different aura.

Why was UNICOShield the right choice for Mannat?

Every perimeter has a unique requirement – Mannat required a solution that secured the perimeter efficiently and provided better security than the chainlink fence, aesthetically complemented the stunning architecture of Mannat, and stood maintained as new despite its proximity to the sea.  A1 UNICO believes in building the entire customer experience by being customer centric where our first priority is to understand the problems and requirements of the customer thoroughly by garnering the minutest detail available on site. The purpose is to create a collaborative solution best suited to the customer.

Fulfilling all the requirements, UNICOShield was chosen to enhance the grandeur of Mannat’s perimeter.

UNICOShield is a modular fencing solution that comes to the rescue when you think of protection, safety, assurance , reliability and everything that reinforces a sense of security. It is a robust fence that is identified by its dense weldmesh.  The USP of the  solution is its dense weldmesh that provides excellent protection and visibility on either side of the fence. One might think dense weldmesh and excellent visibility? Well it’s made possible through our innovative and thoughtfully engineered solutions and UNICOShield is its prime example. 

Designed to deliver security, UNICOShield possesses striking Anti cut and Anti climb features wherein the close lattice geometry makes it impossible for any intruder to form a grip on the fence and climb over. The dense weldmesh also inhibits the ingress of cutting tools to create an opening simply because the fence does not provide sufficient space to operate a cutting tool. The product life was critical in this situation as the chainlink rusted due to its proximity to the sea. To ensure this A1 UNICO provided with industry leading powder coating that guarantees 10-15 years of rust free performance. This protective layer of powder coating increases the resilience of the entire fencing system against extreme weather conditions. 

UNICOShield is designed to deliver security without compromising on elegance and durability. The performance of the fence was of utmost importance but what was equally important were the looks! The aesthetic appeal of the fence had to match and uplift the grand visual stance of SRK’s bungalow Mannat! 

Here’s where A1 UNICO marks its territory. Aesthetics are at the heart of our solutions where the superior and rich designs are soaked in a minimalist aesthetic to build a premium perimeter demarcation experience. Aesthetics that never go unnoticed, aesthetics that turn heads and aesthetics that elevate the splendid presence of your perimeter. The superior glaze and the rich finish are truly trendsetting. 

A  maverick choice for Mannat’s perimeter, UNICOShield set a benchmark by hitting the bullseye. It effortlessly took care of all the requirements in one solution.

Summary – 

Today UNICOShield gets captured along with SRK on various occasions like his birthday, complementing the luxurious and grand architecture of Mannat. We take immense pride that SRK chose A1 UNICO to transform and redefine Mannat’s perimeter from a traditional chainlink fence to the aesthetically modular and modern UNICOShield. 

A1 UNICO is a brand built to break conventions by challenging the status quo. It challenges the basic purpose of products from protection to a lot more. It is focused on developing a synergy between building unbreachable security solutions and aesthetic designs. The solutions are factory welded with robotic arms to scale reliably and consistently. They are modular, easy to install and built to last. The PPC coating provides a superior finish and  time proofs the entire solution to keep your spaces looking stunning as ever.

Our customer centricity shines bright through our collaboratively built solutions wherein we meticulously understand the requirements of the customer and the site before giving the solution. The color customization options and the optional fence add on accessories further help you personalize your perimeter. 

Built to ‘Improve Habitats by Design’ A1 UNICO focuses on ingenious designs that enhance the architectural grandeur and bring out the most UNIque COncepts to life.  It takes a premium brand to match the majestic grandeur of SRK’s Mannat. A1 UNICO breathes premium and talks luxury. Premium designs, premium manufacturing processes, premium features and premium aesthetics! 

A futuristic vision with the aim of continuous innovation for our customers is what motivates us and keeps us on the go.

Creating solutions that protect, but are essentially stunning!

We transformed Mannat’s perimeter for SRK, we are a conversation away from transforming yours. A premium solution to all your fencing requirements!