Planning to secure your perimeter with an Electric Fence but unsure how safe it is?

The fear of electric shocks has been around in the minds of people for many years. This psychological barrier always refrains people from interacting with anything which can be a potential source of a sudden electric shock. An electric fence uses this fear of electric shock in protecting your perimeter from unwanted intruders in a much safer & legal manner.

However, opting for electric fences sourced from unverified or unknown vendors, which do not adhere to safety standards, can pose a significant hazard, potentially resulting in harm to both life and property.

Introducing A1 UNICOPower: a non-lethal, intelligent intrusion detection system designed to deliver a safe yet effective deterrent against intrusion attempts. By administering a brief, sharp, and uncomfortable shock, it swiftly repels intruders while simultaneously alerting the owner through local and remote audiovisual alarms. In this blog, let’s delve into the key factors that make A1 UNICOPower a secure, intelligent, and highly efficient solution for perimeter demarcation.

What happens when the intruder gets a shock from an electric fence?

For some reason when a person touches an electric fence and gets a full shock he certainly does not die nor does he fall unconscious for even a few seconds, there are no burn marks at the point of contact, there is no long term side effects or muscular pain however the shock is such that it is extremely uncomfortable and the recipient will not dare to touch it again.

What happens when the intruder gets a shock from an electric fence?

Short shock pulse duration:

All UNICOPower systems have a pulse width of 0.3 ms. Compare that to the blink of an eye or the AC mains one half duration which is 10 ms. That’s how short the shock pulse duration is

Easy Disengagement:

All UNICOPower systems have a pulse frequency of 1.2 secs, with only 0.3 ms of current duration. This provides a longer window for a person to safely disengage from the fence compared to household AC power, which has a brief non-shock period.

Small Battery:

Our electric fence systems use a 12V 7AH battery which is not capable of causing any damage to the human body.

Entangle Free Design:

The galvanized wires are evenly arranged which ensures that there is no entanglement causing a short circuit.

Output Power:

The energizer’s 4 joule output is akin to a 4W bulb, significantly weaker than the 200 joules of an AED or defibrillator capable of reviving someone in cardiac arrest.

Out Of Reach:

The electric fence is typically installed atop walls or, if ground-mounted, positioned behind a passive barrier to prevent accidental contact. Warning Signs Every 10 meters alert individuals outside the perimeter,avoiding surprises.
Still not convinced if A1 UNICOPower is safe?

It is a legal requirement, both locally and internationally, that electric fences must comply with stringent safety criteria as stipulated in IEC 60335-2-76:2006. A1 UNICOPower complies with these standards and are tested and certified by Power Lab Limited and Test Africa, both internationally accredited test laboratories. 


Electric fences leverage the fear of shocks to safeguard properties, but choosing unreliable systems can lead to dangerous consequences. With A1 UNICOPower, safety has always been a priority while also developing an effective intrusion detection & deterrence system. UNICOPower’s short pulse duration, easy disengagement, entangle free design and other safety considerations makes UNICOPower a safe choice. 

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