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How A1 UNICO transformed a residential space?

Every problem has a solution, but with A1 UNICO every problem has an aesthetic solution. Different clients, different problems, different requirements, A1 UNICO takes care of all. Our utmost commitment to building the best fit perimeter demarcation solutions boosts our dedication to keep innovating. As the creator and manufacturer of aesthetic perimeter demarcation solutions we believe in delivering quality in a manner that is premium and value adding.

A1 UNICO is all about thoughtful, aesthetic and creative designs that are engineered to deliver superior performance. Further contributing to the thought that “Every unique perimeter requires a unique demarcation solution” we collaboratively built a creative, unusual and aesthetically pleasing fencing solution for our esteemed client who wanted to transform his residential space. A solution that is rich in creativity and aesthetics. A solution that accentuates the beauty of the perimeter while fulfilling all the essential requirements.

The transformation process of an HNI Bungalow’s perimeter – 

A1 UNICO strikes a very impressive portfolio of solutions that are built to serve multiple requirements in an aesthetic manner. The minimalist design reinforces our ideology of ‘Less is more’ and adds the premium touch to every perimeter there is. 

We love challenges, it keeps us young! 

Our customer was looking to renovate his perimeter demarcation but had quite a few things to be taken into consideration. The existing demarcation was a wall around the perimeter of the property which looked dull and was short of the required height. His major requirement was that he wanted to increase the height of the demarcation without increasing the height of the wall and also wanted to keep the original wall intact. Another concern was that he wanted an alternative to the wall that did not give a jail type look by pointing out the typical traditional fences plus the privacy of his space had to be maintained.

Keeping all the requirements in mind Team A1 UNICO made a site visit to closely understand the demand and the theme of the space. Understanding the customer and site requirement thoroughly before presenting the solution is deeply rooted in our philosophy to deliver the best to our customers.

After the complete site survey UNICOCanvas was suggested as the best fit solution keeping in mind all the specific requirements of our customer. We explained how UNICOCanvas can help have an opaque demarcation along with aesthetics thus not giving a jail type look, and at the same time maintaining privacy. 

You’re probably thinking what is UNICOCanvas and how can it help?

Here’s a thought – don’t we love to have something unique and premium that others would want to have? Well, UNICOCanvas is exactly that!

UNICOCanvas is a designer fence that allows you to unleash your creative self. It is not a fence you would ordinarily think of. It is unique, it is creative, it is beautiful. It is perfect for someone who is a design enthusiast and would like his perimeter to stand out amongst the rest. It consists of multi-colored pixels that look like beads clipped onto the fence in a way capable of producing images and designs to further beautify your  perimeter and your space. Unique isn’t it? A creative utopia for your perimeter.

The pixels transform the fence panel into a Canvas. It offers optional integrated lighting that additionally gives a warm and aesthetic look to the perimeter especially during the night. UNICOCanvas stands out for its endless customisation owing to colors, designs, images and creativity plus the pixels come with UV protection which eliminates the color fade of the pixels due to long exposure to the sun. UNICOCanvas is a game changer in the fence industry.

The pixel design was chosen keeping the following aspects in mind – 

  1.  Appreciation space The space available in the garden was limited. Hence the artwork had to be kept less detailed.
  2. Fence size – The size of fence was below 3m x 5m hence the artwork needed to be a low resolution image (meaning that number of pixels would be less ) which is simple and not too complex or too organic in form (less curves, more geometric).
  3. Varying fence height – The chosen design was such that it could be harmoniously applied to varying heights.
  4. Division of weldmesh panels The weldmesh panels between posts were divided into two horizontal panels as per feasible dimensions of the given diamond design. This is kept in mind while choosing pixel artwork.
  5. Colors – Light and suitable colors were chosen keeping in mind the theme of the space. The design colors chosen were subtle shades of green, blue, yellow and brown.

The meticulousness of the process is evident as we take care of every minute and intricate details to deliver the best performing solution.

Another suggestion made was to add UNICOAura posts to complement the beauty of UNICOCanvas. UNICOAura posts possess built-in illumination where the post light seamlessly integrates with the post giving a clean and monolithic look. The light gives a calming and pleasant vibe to the environment while aiding visibility. 

A prime example of A1 UNICO’s core value of MODULARITY –

A1 UNICO enables cross-platform modularity wherein UNICOCanvas was installed with UNICOAura’s posts. 


As mentioned ‘We love challenges, it keeps us young’ A1 UNICO takes immense pride in resolving the problems of our customers by building solutions around their requirements in a premium and  aesthetic fashion. 

UNICOCanvas was something which the customer had never seen before. He liked this unique solution offered by A1 UNICO for his bungalow, and nothing pushes us more than to see the happy and satisfied look on the faces of  our customers who choose A1 UNICO to be a part of their lives and spaces. 

A1  UNICO is  a premium sub brand under A-1 fence, our expertise of over 20+ years shines through in our products that are stunningly aesthetic without compromising on the security factor. Taking active steps towards sustainability, our endeavor to deliver beyond expectations and be the first name that pops up when you think of premium fencing or aesthetic demarcation solutions is what keeps up on the go!

Every perimeter requires a demarcation that is secure but also aesthetic. We take care of all your fencing needs and build a solution best fit for your perimeter. A1 UNICO would love to transform your perimeter too!