River Front

Looking for modern demarcation solutions which are flexible, permeable and at the same time aesthetically pleasing and are sustainable? An easy and effective solution to all these requirements are GABIONS. From engineering to aesthetics and from architectural trends to sustainable solutions, Gabions can present many benefits.  Gabions also serve as an effective measure against soil disintegration. A1 UNICO, with its expertise have developed Gabion solutions which are Sustainable, modular, functional and are aesthetically pleasing, which are sure to fulfill your demarcation needs.


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Beautifying Landscape

Our Solutions Offered

  • Beautifying Landscape

    Nowadays, governments use natural resources such as rivers to promote tourism; river fronts are one of the finest alternatives for attracting more tourists. The use of our architectural gabions to beautify such river fronts will give them a natural aesthetic aspect.

  • Our recommended SOLUTIONS

    Architectural gabions are a combination of weldmesh panel & gabions which imparts uniqueness and high rigidity to the system.

    Natural soil based living walls are used as sustainable rain screen cladding, green facades, interior design and beautifying the landscapes which promotes well being.

Edge Protection

Our Solutions Offered

  • Edge Protection

    To avoid any unfortunate incidents, river fronts should have suitable arrangements of fall protection railing, such as our edge protection fencing, which not only serves a safety purpose but also improves the aesthetics.

  • Our recommended SOLUTIONS

    UNICOCrown has a twin wire mesh structure which gives it a sleek but sturdy appearance. Its artistic design creates a beautiful backdrop for borders and entertainment areas. Not only are they attractive, but also have a long life cycle as the wires used are galvanised and powder coated improving its durability. It is available in a number of colour variants.

    UNICOAura is our modular weld-mesh fencing system with built-in illumination. The fence posts are designed with inbuilt energy efficient LED lights that provide fora great option for parks and gardens and recreational outdoor areas that are used after sunset.

    UNICOPrima is a modular weld-mesh fencing system that combines affordability with elegance and durability. Modular design allows end- users and DIY enthusiasts to procure component panels, posts and accessories; for assembling these fences quickly on site without having to bother with on-site welding and painting.

    Pixel fence is an artistic fence which consists of colourful “pixels” clipped to the fence in a certain manner to produce a design or an image which beautifies the fencing system and thus makes it unique.

River Training

Our Solutions Offered

  • River Training

    River training is important as it helps to mitigate the flash floods, reduces the sediment transportation which helps to reduce the soil erosion on river bank and bed. Using our gabions mattress river banks can be protected from soil erosion.

  • Our recommended SOLUTIONS

    Gabions are rectangular wire mesh baskets filled with rock at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls for commercial, industrial and road projects. Gabion and Gabion mattresses are trusted, well proven and technically sound solutions to retain earth and reduce erosion. This technique is extensively used around the world. They are also used for river bank stabilization, channel linings and weirs.

Water Management

Our Solutions Offered

  • Water Management

    Gardening along riverfronts will be a great idea, as people will be able to appreciate the natural stream, watch the sun set, and relax. Gardening may be a difficult chore since it requires extreme caution when it comes to watering the lawn. Watering gardens with our permavoid solutions, which collect rainwater and offer capillary irrigation, can be done without any human intervention and without the use of expensive pipe and sprinkler systems.

  • Our recommended SOLUTIONS

    Permavoid is capable of creating circular nature-based solutions for sustainable water management in metropolitan areas. Solutions encompass blue-green roofs, multi functional podium decks, sports pitches and SUDs aiming at water-sensitive design. By using permavoid we can ensure that no precious water goes to waste by catching, storing and reusing storm water for irrigation, evaporation or infiltration.